What if a couple of Lay Missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer decided to visit Redemptorist communities around the world? What stories, initiatives and challenges would they find?

These were the questions that made us grab our backpacks and brought us this stage. We are very excited about the idea of following these questions in the near future, but maybe we should start telling you this story right from the beginning.

We were born in Porto, a beautiful city in the North of Portugal. We gradually have grown in faith and it has matured in close contact with the Redemptorists in our country. But it didn’t take us long to realize that we were part of a large family scattered all over the world with a charism that appealed to us immediately.

When we sensed that none of us could understand his life outside of this charism, when everything in us wanted to surrender to Christ and His mission, we have found each other. And we’ve found that we could make this way together. Together we have been discerning our vocation as a missionary couple within the Redemptorist charism and we sought to follow in the footsteps of those disciples who were sent two by two. Two by two. Believing that God was calling us to a life like this, we went through this journey and on November the 9th, 2018 we celebrated our commitment as Lay Missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer . Happily!

Along this vocational path we travelled, we found ourselves brooding on the possibility of getting to know and establish contact with our family around the world. We were asking the same questions that brought us here to this new project. What stories, initiatives and challenges we are living today, as Redemptorists, around the world? Bearing this in mind and after sharing ideas with other Redemptorist missionaries in Portugal, we have decided to quit our jobs and leave the apartment in which we lived so that we could dedicate at least one year of our lives to visit Redemptorist communities around the world.

We want to be good listeners at the heart of the family and we want to learn our History in site; a History which is made of many vocational stories. We want to be open-minded so that we can see and recognize missionary initiatives which are being created and developed in different countries and communities. We want to lend a hand in the construction and promotion of the Partnership in Mission vocation amongst lay men and women.

We are ready for that. And we believe that the best way to keep these questions alive is by sharing the stories we are going to hear and the good news we will come across. That’s why we have just created this space, which is meant to be a sort of a living room, where at the end of a journey, we can meet and share what we have heard, seen and touched.

We’ll see you around,

Zé ku Teresa

“Zé ku Teresa” literally means “Zé and Teresa” in kriol from Guinea-Bissau. This was the way we were presented to everyone when we went there some years ago and it became like a couple signature.


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